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Dragon Flutes

Traditional style of the Native American Love Flute.

Another passion of mine is playing, and crafting this soulful instrument.  The native American style love flute has intrigued me for years and still does every time I play.

Its as if the design of this flute is a key to a very sweet part of one's soul.

"Playing this flute immediately enhances my mood because it is so easy to create music from my heart."


My aim is to bring the ancient, authentic sound of the love flute to you by making sure your flute is tuned properly and that it looks and feels amazing.

These delightfully sweet instruments all have their own unique voice which is what makes them so special. They make excellent gifts to people or to oneself. :-)


NEW !!

Drone Flutes.

Recently(since 2020) I have been delving into Drone flutes. These double barrel beauties are a force to be reckoned with! The low note on the one side partnered with a six hole flute on the other, makes for amazing sounds and combinations of melodies. Two individual blocks over the sound holes allows for manipulation of the breathiness of the sound as well as bringing the notes flatter or sharper. With controlled breath and a little practice this flute will melt your heart...

Prices vary between R3000 - R4000 depending on size and key of your flute.

Please contact me for more info on these or if you'd like to order your very own drone love flute.

Flutes for sale...

The love flutes I craft range from high A to low G and are pentatonically tuned.

All different types of wood are used, mostly rare woods with medium to hard density and I usually have stock of a few types so it is best to contact me for info on current stock or if you'd like to order a flute with a particular key or wood type.

tel : 060 99 22 599

Here are some recent flutes crafted in 2021

Just finished are these beautiful deep love flutes.

Keys A and G are fantastic for meditational playing, using ones breath slowly and sustaining those long notes, sounding soothing and deep.

Price: R2500.00

Order no: DF/Deep (Pls check availability by contacting me)


Kiaat Love Flute

Key: D

Price: R1900.00 SOLD

Order no: DF/KiaatD

 Kiaat Love Flute

Key: F#

Price: R1600.00 SOLD

Order no: DF/KiaatFsharp

 Kiaat Love Flute

Key: F

Price: R1600.00 SOLD

Order no: DF/KiaatF

Kiaat Love Flute

Key: D# (E flat)

Price: R1700.00 SOLD

Order no: DF/KiaatEflat

 Kiaat Love Flute

Key: F

Price: R1600.00

Order no: DF/KiaatF